How Long Do I Have to File for Workers’ Compensation in Illinois?

Categories: Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law. | June 17, 2024

In Illinois, managing the workers’ compensation claim process can be complicated and time-sensitive. Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, an employee must notify their employer of an injury within 45 days of the accident. Always report any workplace injury as soon as you are aware of the injury you received. Often, employers and their insurance companies will look for any possible excuse to claim your injury happened outside of work.

In order to claim workers’ compensation, the injured worker typically needs to prove the following:

– An injured worker must be able to prove that the employer was engaged in business in the state of Illinois at the time of the injury
– The injury must have occurred while the individual was performing work or performing actions required by the employer
– An injured worker must be able to prove that his level of functioning is impaired as a result of the injury
– The injury was caused by the accident and not a result of a pre-existing condition or other incident

Unless your injury was minor, and you healed completely, you should consult with a lawyer before settling your case. This is because attorneys offer more tools to challenge the insurance companies and help you receive more benefits. Lawyers are able to file motions, negotiate with the insurance companies, and help you obtain second opinions on your medical condition. While all of these activities require more time, they also maximize the chances of a favorable outcome.

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