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Randy was made a partner at KBG in 2017. Randy attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, graduating with a degree in Political Science. He completed law school at DePaul University and was admitted to the Illinois bar. While at DePaul, Randy received the CALI Excellence for the Future Award for academic achievement in Legal Writing. He is a member of the Chicago Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association.

Prior to joining KBG, Randy was a partner at a prominent workers compensation defense firm in Chicago. Randy has argued in front of the Appellate Courts in Springfield and Chicago, and uses his litigation skills and extensive knowledge of the Workers’ Compensation Act to defend the rights of the injured worker.

Randy grew up in the southwest suburbs, the son of a police officer and a trucking company dispatcher. He currently lives in the western suburbs with his wife and two daughters.

Contact Randy via email at rsladek@krol-law.com or by telephone at (312) 726-5567.

Some of Randy’s Significant Settlements and Awards (since 2015 only):

  • 17 WC 22505 — $500,000 settlement plus $231,146 Medicare Set-Aside for union construction with career-ending injury to spine.
  • 14 WC 26023 — $500,000 total settlement for a teacher who sustained a left ankle dislocation with subsequent complex regional pain syndrome.
  • 15 WC 23994 — $400,000 total settlement for a union electrician who underwent left shoulder and wrist surgeries and received permanent restrictions.
  • 17 WC 32426 — $375,000 settlement for construction laborer with lumbar spine fusion and permanent physical restrictions.
  • 16 WC 28871 — $325,000 settlement for union laborer who underwent multiple shoulder surgeries and was given permanent lifting restrictions by the surgeon.
  • 13 WC 36668 — $308,293.81 total settlement for a union electrician who sustained right ankle and foot injuries resulting in permanent restrictions. The insurance company disputed the restrictions but ultimately settled on the day of trial.
  • 14 WC 40938 — $300,000 total settlement for a union laborer with a left thumb fracture and restricted gripping and grasping.
  • 16 WC 28543 — $294,500 for union laborer with post-concussion syndrome and low back injuries.
  • 16 WC 16586 — $280,000.00 total settlement for a union laborer who sustained a left wrist fracture and ultimately received permanent restrictions from the treating physician.
  • 15 WC 33366 and 18 WC 3427 — $270,000 settlement for union laborer with multiple shoulder surgeries and resulting permanent lifting restrictions
  • 17 WC 25855 — $255,000 settlement for airline ramp worker with injury to lumbar spine and permanent physical restrictions.
  • 05 WC 24626 and 05 WC 24627 – $250,000 settlement for CTA employee with injuries to bilateral shoulders, wrists and elbows as well as right knee and right hand.
  • 116 WC 06538 – $250,000 settlement for union electrician who underwent total knee replacement and received permanent restrictions from the treating physician.
  • 116 WC 17 WC 2902- $249,500 settlement for police officer injured while trying to stop a suspect’s moving vehicle. The officer sustained shoulder and back injuries.
  • 17 WC 2226 — $230,000 settlement for Pepsi merchandizer who underwent cervical spine surgery.
  • 17 WC 07719 – $200,000 for union electrician with a lumbar annular tear and subsequent lifting restrictions.
  • 14 WC 62864 – $199,900.00 settlement for a truck driver with a knee injury preventing return to pre-injury work.
  • 15 WC 37248 – $195,951.25 settlement for a fire department chief who sustained significant lumbar spine injuries necessitating two surgeries and permanent restrictions.
  • 15 WC 4502 – $190,000.00 settlement for a beer distributor truck driver with right shoulder restrictions as result of lifting injury.
  • 13 WC 34637 – $180,000.00 settlement for a beverage merchandizer who sustained a knee injury with surgery that resulted in permanent lifting restrictions.
  • 14 WC 17919 – $180,000.00 settlement for a nurse who underwent a lumbar fusion and could not return to pre-injury job duties.
  • 18 WC 32569 – $180,000.00 settlement for union electrician following cervical spine fusion surgery.
  • 08 WC 24635 – $175,831.86 awarded at arbitration for a county correctional officer injured in an inmate attack. The officer sustained injuries to the head, face, left knee, right elbow, cervical spine, lumbar spine. He returned to work in a light duty position.
  • 09 WC 46539 – $175,000.00 settlement with retention of future medical rights for a rehabilitation assistant who sustained an injury to the low back when lifting a patient.
  • 14 WC 30507 – $175,000.00 settlement for a beverage merchandizer who sustained a wrist injury and disputed future earning capacity.
  • 14 WC 29824 – $175,000.00 settlement plus funding of a Medicare Set-aside for a county school district employee who sustained a low back injury which required significant surgery.
  • 15 WC 23894$169,924.50 settlement plus Medicare Set Aside for MRI technician with injuries to the shoulders and hip
  • 14 WC 0066 – $166,000.00 settlement plus funding of $96,386.36 Medicare Set-aside for a medical office employee who sustained a shoulder injury with surgery and subsequent lifting restrictions.
  • 13 WC 18627 and 15 WC 39771 – $160,484.25 total settlement for police officer who sustained injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine, and a medial meniscus injury resulting in permanent restrictions.
  • 13 WC 4646 – $152,841.97 for a City of Chicago Streets and Sanitation employee who sustained significant injuries to the spine and hip.
  • 16 WC 11919$150,000 settlement for rehabilitation nurse with permanent work restrictions after multiple shoulder surgeries
  • 14 WC 30506 – $150,000.00 settlement for a union electrician with a left wrist injury which impacted ability to find consistent work.
  • 15 WC 25391 – $147,074.00 settlement for a police officer who underwent a total knee replacement as result of restraining a suspect.
  • 14 WC 33807 – $147,074.00 settlement for a police officer who sustained an injury to his shoulder while restraining an intoxicated suspect.
  • 17 WC 31324 – $132,163.50 settlement in addition to disability pension for police office injured on duty
  • 18 WC 02448 – $125,000 settlement for roll off driver with multiple surgeries to dominant shoulder.
  • 13 WC 2737 – $120,029.04 arbitration award for a facilities manager who sustained a left knee injury and resulting complex regional pain syndrome.
  • 19 WC 00232 – $117,400 settlement for construction laborer with injury to lumbar spine.
  • 13 WC 25578 – $108,616.50 settlement for a school district engineer who injured his shoulder when cutting down a fallen tree.
  • 14 WC 15752 and 14 WC 32143 – $100,000.00 settlement for a nurse who sustained injuries to both shoulders with surgery.
  • 17 WC 5699 –$99,900 settlement for laborer with permanent restrictions following multiple foot/ankle surgeries
  • 18 WC 36194 – $99,000 settlement for City of Chicago employee with cervical spine injury
  • 15 WC 28677 – $99,000.00 settlement for a City of Chicago Streets and Sanitation employee who sustained low back and hip injuries.

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