Repetitive Motion: Carpal Tunnel. Tendinitis. Bursitis

Categories: Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law. | March 28, 2018

Assembly line workers often have to perform the same tasks day after day. When a job requires a worker to make the same movements over the course of weeks and years, it is common for workers to experience pain from time to time. Unfortunately, this periodic pain can also develop into a serious Repetitive Strain Injury.

Repetitive Strain Injuries, such as carpal tunnel or tendinitis, can make is extremely difficult or impossible to perform the regular duties of your job. An injury like carpal tunnel syndrome can make it painful to grasp objects or perform work with the hands. Bursitis, which is inflammation and swelling of the fluid-filled sac near the joint of the knee, can make it impossible to kneel down or bend the leg. A worker with any type of Repetitive Strain Injury may have to miss weeks or even months of work in order to heal.

When many people think of Workers’ Comp claims, they often think of single life-altering traumatic events, such as a burn or a fall. However, many Workers’ Comp claims also involve injuries that develop gradually over time as a result of repetitive motions that are part of a worker’s daily routine.


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