Winter Weather-Related Workplace Injuries in Illinois

Categories: Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law. | November 18, 2022

Winter conditions cause a large number of work-related injuries. Snow, ice, and cold temperatures can increase the risk of a workplace accident, like slipping and falling, but they can also place employees in danger of suffering from injuries like frostbite, hypothermia, and back injuries.

People who work outdoors, including trade occupations like construction and agriculture, as well as emergency responders, airport service workers, and roadway maintenance crews are most at risk of suffering from the cold. Individuals who fill these roles are more likely to sustain certain types of injuries during the winter months.

Here are some of the most common workplace injuries that occur during the winter months:

Slips, trips and falls
Snow and ice commonly cause falls, so it’s important to keep walkways, entrance ways and stairways clear of these hazards. Whether you work outdoors or inside, preventing slip and fall accidents requires a commitment to ensuring safe working conditions, including regular clearing of snow and ice from walking surfaces.

Winter car accidents
Employees who drive for business purposes including those who drive larger commercial vehicles, trucks, or buses can be seriously injured or killed in auto accidents caused by icy roadways and decreased visibility.

Hypothermia and frostbite
Hypothermia and frostbite result from extreme-cold exposure, and both can have long-lasting effects.

Trench foot
Trench foot occurs when the feet are exposed to cold water for a significant amount of time, resulting in tissue death.

Employers can prevent these kinds of injuries by providing workers with proper training and equipment and recognizing when temperatures are too low to allow for any outdoor activity. If you suffer a winter weather-related work-related injury or illness, call (312) 726-5567 for a free consultation or contact us online. We are dedicated to providing excellent support and fierce legal representation to people injured at work in Illinois.