Illinois Workers Compensation – Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim in Illinois

Categories: Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law. | August 29, 2022

Illinois requires most employers to have workers’ compensation for any injury, illness or accident suffered on the job. The statute provides for benefits that compensate injured employees for medical treatment and medical bills incurred, lost time from work, and any permanent disability.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation law in Illinois is a complex and difficult area of law to navigate, even for lawyers. There are many difficult regulations about Illinois worker’s comp claims, and one of them is that you must take the necessary steps to file your claim correctly.

The injured worker typically needs to prove the following:

– An injured worker must be able to prove that the employer was engaged in business in the state of Illinois at the time of the injury
– The injury must have occurred while the individual was performing work or performing actions required by the employer
– An injured worker must be able to prove that his level of functioning is impaired as a result of the injury
– The injury was caused by the accident and not a result of a pre-existing condition or other incident

Being injured on the job can have a major impact on your quality of life and your ability to provide for your family. It is imperative that injured workers understand that a successful claim requires strong medical documentation and an ability to demonstrate that an injury or condition was caused by their job duties.

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