What If I Can’t Return To Work After An Injury

Categories: Permanent Partial Disability Benefits. | May 19, 2020

Some workplace injuries are more serious than others, putting you out of work for a long time, or even permanently. If your work-related injury or illness affects your long-term ability to work, an experienced work accident lawyer can be essential to getting a settlement or award that’s large enough to cover a fair portion of your future wage loss. This is especially true if you’ll never be able to work in the same capacity as you did before your injury.

Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) benefits are usually paid after a worker has reached maximum medical improvement. In Illinois, the Arbitrator will consider five factors in determining the extent of your disability. Even injured workers who do not undergo surgery and return to work full duty may have some disability and may be entitled to PPD benefits.

The permanent effects of your injury to a particular body part determine the amount of PPD benefits you may be owed. If your injury results in a job change and you earn less money, the Act provides that you may be entitled to a percentage of the difference in your salary before and after your accident.

Permanent disability benefits can be very expensive for the insurance company, and it will do everything it can to minimize your disability rating. Insurance companies usually have high-powered lawyers working for them; having an experienced lawyer on your side will level the playing field.

Finding an experienced work accident attorney is crucial when trying to seek compensation so that you can make sure that your rights are fully protected. If you or someone you love would like to receive more information on workers’ compensation settlements, wage loss, wage claims, and how to receive benefits, call (312) 726-5567 for a free consultation or contact us online. We have handled well over 30,000 claims for injured workers throughout the state of Illinois.