Second Opinions

Chicago IL Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

If you currently have legal representation for your workers’ compensation claim and you are not satisfied with the services you are being provided, then you can seek a second opinion with an attorney at Krol, Bongiorno & Given at no additional charge.

KBG will objectively and honestly evaluate your case and the legal services being provided by your present attorney. If your current attorney is providing you with the proper guidance, we will advise you of the same. If we determine that you are not being properly represented by your current attorney, we can take over the handling of your claim.

Once our office is retained, you are under no obligation to speak with your old attorney. It is improper and unethical for your old attorney to contact you directly once their services have been terminated. Retaining a new attorney will not delay your case in any way.

Once our firm takes over the handling of your claim, we will work out any fee interest your prior attorney may have. Changing your attorney will not increase the amount you owe in fees. We will split the 20% attorney’s fee with your former attorney. That fee split will be worked out between our office and your prior attorney. The other 80% of the settlement or award remains yours.

Why stay with an attorney who won’t listen to your needs? Why stay with an attorney who will not take your phone calls and will not call you back? You should not be punished for hiring an attorney who is not providing the services you need. Call today for a free consultation with an attorney who will listen to you and address your needs.

Any consultation and second opinion will remain private and confidential.

Krol, Bongiorno & Given provides legal services to residents in Chicago metropolitan area, including Cook County, DeKalb County, DuPage County, Grundy County, Kankakee County, Kane County, Kendall County, McHenry County, and Will County area.


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