Stress Fractures And Chicago Workers Compensation Law

Categories: Temporary Total Disability Benefits. | April 11, 2019

Stress fractures are small cracks in a bone that are caused by repetitive forces and strenuous motions, such as repeatedly jumping up and down or running for long distances. A stress fracture is different than a complete fracture, and most often occurs in the weight bearing-bones of the feet, ankles, and legs, although it is possible for stress fractures to occur in other parts of the upper body. If you have suffered a stress fracture injury because of repetitive motions at your job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Over half of all reported stress fractures occur in the lower legs. Stress fractures in the lower back are also common. Cases of stress fracture that occurs in the lower back are known as “lumbar spondyloysis”, which is the condition of having a very small crack in the spine.

In order to diagnose a stress fracture, a doctor will perform a physical examination and check your medical history. A patient can expect receive an X-ray, bone scan, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as the doctor attempts to diagnose the condition. Treatments usually involve rest and wearing a brace or using crutches to give the bone time to heal. In serious cases, surgery may even be required resulting in lost time from work.

In workers’ comp cases, it can be difficult to prove the stress fracture occurred because of an employee’s job-related function. A skilled workers comp lawyer can help you identify the specific activity that caused your stress fracture, and help you receive all the worker’s compensation benefits that you are entitled to under Illinois law. If you have been injured at work, we will fight to get you the benefits you deserve. Call us at (312) 726-5567 for a free consultation or contact us online.