How Workers’ Comp Payments are Calculated in Illinois

Categories: Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law. | October 8, 2022

People are hurt in their workplace every day. If you are injured at work in Illinois, being able to understand the workers’ compensation payment structure allows you to plan appropriately for your future.

Your compensation will be determined by the extent of the injuries sustained at work. How much your case is worth depends on the specific details of your case, including:

– Your average weekly pay
– The circumstances of your injury or illness
– The cost of ongoing authorized medical care

Consider the following types of benefits and how they are often handled in workers’ comp settlements.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD)

If your injuries result in you not being able to return to work, or if your employer cannot accommodate your restrictions, the Act entitles you to weekly benefits until you are able to return to work. Your earnings during the year preceding your accident date determine the amount of weekly benefits you collect while you are off of work. You are entitled to two-thirds of your average weekly wage. All TTD benefits are tax free.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits (PPD)

After you have been released from all medical treatment, the Act provides that you are entitled to compensation for the permanent disability resulting from your injury. The permanent effects of your injury to a particular body part determine the amount of PPD benefits you may be owed. If your injury results in a job change and you earn less money, the Act provides that you may be entitled to a percentage of the difference in your salary before and after your accident.

Medical Benefits

Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is responsible for paying for the medical services reasonably required to cure your injuries. Under the Act, you have the right to see a doctor of your own choice. While the insurance company also has the right to have you examined by a doctor of its choice, you and your doctor will direct the course of your treatment.

You should be very cautious of any lawyer who promises a specific sum of money

No one can guarantee you a specific sum of money. However, hiring a dedicated workers’ comp attorney will give you a much better chance of obtaining the benefits that you deserve. A good workers’ comp attorney will communicate with the insurer on your behalf, gather medical records, and gather the evidence you will need to maximize the chances of a great outcome.

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