When to Hire a Lawyer for Your Workers’ Compensation?

Categories: Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law. | January 22, 2019

Some minor injury claims can possibly be handled without a lawyer, particularly those where simple medical treatment is provided and paid for and there is no significant loss of time from work. However, the moment any complexity arises in your case is the moment you should hire an attorney. Here are some examples of situations that call for a lawyer’s intervention:

Your employer denies your claim or doesn’t pay your benefits promptly

Employers and workers’ comp insurers routinely reject legitimate workers’ comp claims, confident that many workers will fail to appeal. Unfortunately, they’re usually correct. Hiring a workers’ comp attorney costs nothing up front, and it gives you the best chance to receive a fair settlement or award for your injuries.

Your injury is severe enough to require surgery

If you have had a surgery due to an job-related injury, a lawyer who specializes in Workers Comp will understand the amount of benefits you should received based on the full extent of your injuries, the cost of medical treatment you will need in the future, and whether you have any lasting impairments that need to be accounted for.

You had pre-existing problems with the part of the body that was injured

One of the most common ways that Insurance Companies try to deny claims is by saying that your current problems were caused by a pre-existing condition. Often Insurance Companies will try to send you to their preferred doctor who may be more likely to write a report saying your existing symptoms are coming from pre-existing conditions, not from work-related factors. A good Workers Comp lawyer should send you to a doctor who will listen to you and write an accurate report.

Your employer’s settlement offer doesn’t cover all your lost wages or medical bills

If you’re not sure a settlement offer is good enough, don’t rely on the workers’ compensation judge to make sure that you’re getting a fair deal. If you really want someone to get you the best settlement possible, call an attorney.

You were injured because of a third party’s actions or your employer’s serious misconduct conduct

The workers’ comp system was designed to prevent civil lawsuits for work-related injuries. However, you are permitted to sue outside workers’ comp in certain situations, including when someone other than your employer contributed to your injury, or in other unique situations. An experienced lawyer will be able to explain how the law applies to your situation.

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